Hey there!

When it comes to getting toddlers (or kids of any age) to pose for pictures, you know unpredictability is the only predictable thing about the process. 🤪

Since spring is a great time to take family pictures, we thought we’d share our fave tips after having several toddler guests in the Photo Camper (including our very own littlest camper):

🍿 SNACKS: We are not above bribery if it involves promising your toddler a favorite treat after the photo. We’ll feed puffs or cheerios to our littlest camper in between shots. It doesn’t always make for good smiles, but she at least sits still.

🥳 NOISEMAKER: Distract your toddler with a noisemaker near the camera. Bring a favorite noisy toy along, or ask someone to step in as a living noisemaker. In the Photo Camper, our attendees can help!

🙃 LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS: I know, I know…all the parents are rolling their eyes because they were hoping for a helpful tip. But in my own personal parenting journey, I’ve found this one to be most helpful. Madi (like any toddler!) often protests when we want to take a picture. Instead of forcing her to take the photo, we try again later.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably in the thick of toddlerhood, like me. Reply to this email with any tips you might add to the list!