Hey there!

At Photo Camper, we’re all about celebrating. Even holidays like Leap Day! 😄

Here are some fun facts about Leap Day:
📆 It’s a day that doesn’t legally exist!
🥳 The twin cities of Anthony, Texas, and Anthony, New Mexico, are the self-proclaimed Leap Year Capital of the World. They hold a four-day leap-year festival that includes a huge birthday party for all leap-year babies.
🐸 People born on a leap day are often called “leaplings” or “leapers.”
🎂 About 4.1 million people around the world were born on Feb. 29, and the chances of having a leap birthday are one in 1,461.📸 It’s the perfect day to take an iconic jumping (aka leaping) picture!

Here are some tips to get the perfect leaping shot today:
– Get close: Zoom in close for a great action shot.
– Set your photo to video mode rather than photo mode: Taking a video and jumping multiple times will guarantee a better shot.
– Have patience and have fun: You won’t get the perfect jumping shot the first time. Being lighthearted and having fun with it is what it’s all about.

Reply to this email with your LEAPING photos! We can’t wait to see.

The Photo Camper Team

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