It’s no secret that we love a good party, and it’s also no secret that parties can get expensive quickly.

Here are a few tips to stick to a budget and not break the bank for your next event:

1. Shop your own house for decorations: Before running to the store for decorations, look through boxes and toys to take stock of what you already have that you could use as decoration. If you are throwing a superhero-themed party, your child probably already has a ton of superhero things that you could use! (You could use a Spiderman bedsheet as a photobooth backdrop, a Wonder Woman toy as a cake topper, etc.)

2. Use digital invitations:It seems like a no-brainer to design your own invitations to save money, but the cost of paper and printing invitations can add up quickly! To save money (and be more environmentally conscious), opt for email or text invitations! If you need some help designing, Canva has awesome free templates.

3. Time the party correctly:If you choose to start your party at noon, it’s expected that you will be providing lunch. Avoiding standard meal times will help you save on the cost of food! Buy snack foods in bulk from Costco, Sam’s, or Walmart to save even more.

What other tips do you have for saving money while party planning? Let us know!