Whether you’re just looking to snap better pictures with your phone or you’ve booked Photo Camper for an upcoming event, we’ve got some super-easy tips to share that will instantly boost your photography skills.

1. Let’s start with the cornerstone of photography: Lighting!

Embrace natural light: Open windows or get outside. Natural light can create soft and flattering images.

Say no to glare: When you’re outdoors, avoid harsh sunlight. Try a cloudy day or a shady area. Golden hour right before sunset is a perfect, magical time for pictures.

2. Posing shouldn’t feel like a chore: Just be yourself!

Relax and be you: The best photos capture your authentic self, so try to relax as much as possible. And don’t hesitate to embrace candid action shots!

Experiment with angles: Try out different angles like a subtle head tilt or standing in a different direction.

3. Get creative: Props and backdrops!

Mix and match: If you want your photography to be unique, try mixing and matching different styles of decor for your set. Try an outdoor backdrop with props like vintage furniture!

Choose a theme and run with it: Especially in a photo booth (like Photo Camper!) you’ll find SO many props to choose from. You can have fun by coordinating your props and backdrops with the theme of your party.

Happy snapping!