If you’re like us and love parties and pictures, consider a DIY photo booth at your next event.

While we obviously love the ease and uniqueness of having a photo booth that can be booked ahead and come to you, here are 3 ideas to get you started on a DIY photo booth if you’re in a pinch:

Step 1: Choose a BackdropTransform any space by choosing a backdrop that goes with your event’s theme. Consider using:A vibrant and colorful fabric.A chalkboard wall with fun doodles and messages.Nature-inspired elements like plants or rustic wooden panels.

Step 2: Gather Props and AccessoriesAdd in a collection of props and accessories. Raid your closets and craft supplies or visit a dollar store for items like:Silly hats, wigs, and sunglasses.Feather boas, scarves, and other playful accessories.Handheld signs with catchy phrases or emojis.

Step 3: Set Up Your Lighting and CameraGood lighting is essential for great photos! Go for even, diffused lighting that minimizes harsh shadows. Here’s how:Use natural light from a nearby window.If indoors, set up additional lamps with white bulbs for consistent lighting.Mount your smartphone or camera on a tripod for steady shots. (And add a remote shutter release for convenience!)

We’d love to see your DIY photo booth creations! Share your photos with us!
Happy DIY-ing!