Even though summer is wrapping up, there are still parties to plan for the rest of the year. It’s also a great time to start thinking about next year’s events! If that feels overwhelming to think about, we got you covered.
Here are some ideas to bring some LIFE and uniqueness to your events:

Styled Tablescapes: A styled tablescape can add an aesthetic element that ties your entire theme together while giving your guests a full experience. Consider bright florals, which are paving the way for themselves in 2023. We also recommend layered textures; layer different colors and textures on your tables for a more defined look. You can even tie in bright florals to your layered look or go the opposite route with a neutral palette that’s more boho chic

Feature Wall: Draw your guests’ eyes to your very own feature wall. Trying to decide how to design it? Think about highlighting your theme or milestone through your feature wall, which can double as a background for photo ops! If they flow with your look, consider balloon garlands or fringe, which have been huge fan favorites this year. Otherwise, consult Pinterest for inspiration.

Food features: Food can easily make or break your party. When it comes to your edible features, there’s a lot you can do. Consider a grazing table with craftily arranged foods so guests can eat and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere. Butterboards are tactile, interactive, and easily customizable. Maybe even opt for a vertical food station allowing you to save space by building your food display upward. Think doughnut walls or cupcake stands. The sky is literally the limit!

What do you think about trying one of these trending must-haves at your next event??