If it wasn’t already obvious, we love pictures. Specifically, physical pictures that we can hold in our hands and take with us.

Don’t get us wrong—we still love our phone cameras and digital albums, but there’s just something about a printed photograph that feels really meaningful. Why is that? There’s a reason people keep their pictures in photo albums and frames for their entire lives!

Today, we want to explore why we love physical photographs and how they help us preserve and cherish some of our favorite memories.

They provide tangible connections: Physical photos provide a tangible connection to our memories. Holding a photograph allows us to engage our senses in a way that digital images cannot replicate. The weight, texture, and smell of a printed photo can help us create a deeper connection to the moment captured.

They allow us to pause in time: In an era of scrolling through digital albums, physical photos offer a pause in time. They invite us to slow down, reflect, and savor the moments frozen within the frame. Each photograph becomes a window into a specific time and place, allowing us to revisit and relive those cherished memories.

They encourage sharing and storytelling: Physical photos become treasures that we can share and pass down through generations. They hold stories that connect us with loved ones and enable us to share our personal narratives. Gathering around a photo album or hanging pictures on walls sparks conversations and strengthens our bonds with one another.

These are some reasons we love physical pictures. Why are they special to you?