We talk a lot about how to throw a great party, but what about ideas for being a great GUEST when you attend a party? Because chances are, you are probably a guest more often than you are a host.

Here are some ideas to take some stress off the host and go above and beyond as a guest:

Think ahead about the host: It’s normal to bring food, drinks, or games to a party, but thinking and planning ahead can help so much! If you bring food, bring extra serving utensils. If you bring a drink, bring cups or extra ice. This extra thoughtfulness will help the host so much!

Be a theme ambassador: If the party has a theme, fully embrace it! Go all out with your outfit and accessories. The overall feeling of an event can be determined greatly by the people’s attitude attending. Going ALL OUT with the theme can encourage others to join in on the fun and set a good vibe for the whole event.

Bring a creative dish: Although it is a lot easier to buy premade snacks, bringing a unique dish can be really special. Every party will probably already have chips and cookies, but what could you bring that would be unique? It doesn’t have to be complicated; even a dish that was meaningful to you from childhood could be a great conversation starter!

Hopefully this gives you some creative ideas on how to be a great party guest. It’s really all about thinking ahead and being thoughtful and considerate of the host.

What tips would you add??