We all know there is ONE thing that can really make or break any party or event. 


When it comes to choosing music that greatly affects the vibe of the event, where do you begin? 

Here are some tips we’d like to share:

Choose the music method: When you think about the music method, think about what type of event it is. Is it appropriate to have a live band? DJ? Spotify playlist? No matter what, have a game plan and plan far in advance. If you go the playlist route (which is a GREAT option, especially on a budget), make sure someone is designated to set up speakers and technology and keep the music playing, shuffle it up, avoid any technical difficulties, etc.

Offer a mix of genres: Even if you hate 80’s disco, it’s still a good idea to mix in a variety of styles and genres to make sure everyone is having a good time. If it’s an upbeat event, consider throwing in a slower song after five upbeat songs for variety!

Consider different types of music for different parts of the event: As an example, at weddings, obviously, different types of music are used during the ceremony than at the reception. Similarly, you will probably want different music at the beginning of a summer bash compared to after the sun goes down. Music can really set the tone and make a huge difference!

What are your thoughts on music at parties? Do you have any suggestions to add? We’d love to hear!