Office parties can often get a bad rap. The same ice-breakers, the same small talk, the same catered food.

That’s why we wanted to share some tips and favorite activities you can bring to spice up your next office party!

  1. Have office get-togethers more often:

We have found that the more you get to know coworkers, the more you actually want to be together! (Surprising, right?!) One reason corporate events are dreaded is because coworkers don’t know each other – which leads to awkward small talk and a lack of FUN. 

Having regular, casual get-togethers can help with this! We recommend having casual meetings once a month where coworkers can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. You could name these something creative like “Monthly Happy Hours!”

2. Assign each team member to plan an activity:

Once you have regular casual meetings on the calendar, assign each team member to plan the activity for specific dates. This way, the pressure is not placed on a single person to plan every activity, and there’s more variety with the events!

3. Plan in-person or virtual activities:

Whether you are a fully in-person or fully remote team, planning some events in-person and some virtual is a great way to be inclusive and add variety to events! In-person events could include going to a fun, local restaurant together or volunteering at a local organization for a few hours. Virtual activities could be playing a game like GeoGuesser or having everyone share clips of their favorite TV show!

Have you been to any AMAZING office parties? We’d love to hear about it!