Summer is a time to be social and spend extra time with friends and family. If you are having a family gathering this summer, but need some ideas for activities, here are some for you!

Family Talent Show:

This is a chance for every family member, from toddler to grandparent, to shine and show off their incredible skills and (perhaps hidden) talents. We’re talking singing, dancing, hilarious comedy acts, mind-blowing magic tricks, and even adorable pet performances. 

Goofy Awards Ceremony:

If youโ€™re familiar with the show The Office, you can probably picture what we mean here. Start by brainstorming funny awards for everyone. You can print out gift certificates or grab some trophies from the dollar store. Choose a lively family member to be the host and plan a full-on award ceremony that’s bound to bring the laughs.

Here are some examples of awards you can give out:

The Nap Master: Most Likely to Fall Asleep at the Family Reunion

The Chatterbox Champ: Loudest Talker in the Family

The Laundry Houdini: Making Clothes Disappear Faster Than a Magic Trick

Time Capsule:

Gathering the whole family to create a time capsule is a special way to make memories and leave something special for the next generation. Ask everyone to bring a couple of items they want to include and let each person share why they picked them.

Then, find a safe spot to stash the time capsule until the next family get-together or even keep it sealed for the next ten years. It’s a cool way to preserve some family history for the future!

We’re excited to hear all about the fun times you’ll have with your family!