It’s officially summer and we are here. for. it. Summer means sun AND wedding season.

If you have a summer wedding coming up (or get to help someone plan one), we wanted to share 3 trending must-haves that we’ve been noticing: 

  1. Statement Aisles: This is a twist on the traditional aisle runner that will help you, your partner and your guests focus on the specialness of the ceremony, and emphasize your ceremony as a sacred focal point of your day. Think of ideas that would reflect your personalities together or consider items that you could save after your wedding day to keep as a reminder (example: rugs layered down the aisle that you can then use in your home).
  2. Bold Colors: While we don’t think neutral, elegant colors will ever go out of style, bright, vibrant colors are definitely having a moment on the flip side. Whether you choose to incorporate extra color in bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, or the bridal dress itself (yeah, you heard us right. You absolutely can have a colorful wedding dress if you want one!), it’s a sure way to add fun and personality.
  3. Weekday Weddings: With so many weddings needing to be rescheduled the past couple of years because of the pandemic, it can be difficult to find open dates with venues. If you’re struggling to find an open date or just want a more low-key day, consider a weekday! We’ll admit that it’s not ideal for guests, but ultimately it is YOUR day, and in some circumstances, a weekday wedding may be the perfect option.

What other trends are you seeing? We are always keeping an eye out for the perfect party additions.