If you didn’t already know – we LOVE parties. We love planning, hosting, or just being at parties. Parties bring people together, and that’s what it’s all about for us.

We’re guessing you love parties, too.

But what can get in the way of loving parties is the planning. Although it sounds fun, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

So that’s why we’re here to help out. If you’re planning any type of event soon and need a little inspiration, we’re bringing you all of our favorite trending party must-haves, starting with THEMES!

Any event, big or small, can benefit from having a theme. A theme can set the tone of your get-together AND help with planning by bringing a vision and structure to your event.

For your next event, consider one of our favorite trending party themes:

  1. Coastal Social: Even if you’re not on the coast (I mean c’mon…we live in the mountains in Utah), the sand and the sea can be a fun, relaxed, summery atmosphere for your guests.
  2. Casual Retro: We love this because it can go in so many different directions! You could choose a mid-century modern theme, 80s disco, or even early 2000s (wow, that makes us feel old). You could even channel your inner Marty McFly and combine a few different eras together!
  3. Black and White Gala: Why is glamorous attire only allowed at prom? Even if your budget isn’t huge, doesn’t it sound fun to have an evening of dressing up and sipping a cocktail (or mocktail)?

So, which theme will you choose for your next party? We can’t wait to hear about it!