With summer just around the corner, the days being longer, and families and friends getting together more, we wanted to bring you three tips to bring your summer get-togethers to the next level.

Whether you’re having just a few friends over for some drinks or are planning a full-fledged family reunion with allllllll the third cousins and relatives you never met, we got you.

Here are our 3 favorite tips for your summer soirees:

  1. Choose a theme: A get-together turns into a ~party~ when there’s a theme! You don’t have to go too wild or make it complicated. Choose a summery theme like Beach Bash or Summer Camp to go off of. The decorations, food, and games can follow from there.
  2. Keep food simple and create conversation areas: People tend to gather in areas where food is, so create mingling areas by placing finger foods throughout your party space with different cozy seating arrangements. Don’t feel like you need to be complicated with food! If this is an area that seems overwhelming, consider a food bar where guests assemble their own meals and drink; think taco bar, sandwich bar, and cocktail/mocktail station.
  3. Create a playlist beforehand: No party is complete without music and tunes really set the stage for an event’s atmosphere! You can get creative and have fun by choosing a lineup that aligns with your theme.

We can’t wait for you to have the perfect summer bash. Let us know when you try out these favorite tips of ours!