About The Photo Camper

Hello! We are the owners of the Photo Camper and we are so thrilled you're interested in having the Photo Camper at your event. It's pretty awesome, not like we are biased or anything. ;)

But for real, we have seen first hand the joy the Photo Camper brings to all of our clients to every wedding and party we've been to. 

It brings people together to share laughes and loves and a closeness and even brings out the sillyness in people. 

We know you will LOVE the Photo Camper!

Meet the Photo Camper The Photo Camper is a one of a kind- fully restored 1965 Roadrunner Camper Trailer built right here in Utah.
The Photo Camper is a fully functioning, photo booth with the latest photo technology and is set up to provide you with lasting memories at your special event!
Fully Restored We rebuilt this trailer from the frame up. The Photo Camper was completely rebuilt on the inside with our clients in mind. The u-bench seating allows ample space for all your party- up to 12 people can fit in the Photo Camper. It gets hot in the spring and summer events, thats why we have installed airconditioning to keep you cool while you spend time in the Photo Camper. We know you will love the experience!
Built to Travel This may be a 1965 trailer, but it has been rebuilt and ready to travel! The Photo Camper is based out of Utah, but is currently making smiles from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Golden Arches! We love to travel with the Photo Camper and cant wait to be at your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get ahold of you? 
You can fill out the "book it" form or you can email us at photocamperbooth@gmail.com

Attendand with the Photo Camper? 
Yes, every event will have at least one attendant to make sure your experience goes flawlessly!

When do you set-up for an event?
We arrive 1 hour prior to the event start time. The Photo Camper will be up and running before your event and will run for your specified time. 

Can the Photo Camper go indoors? 
Yes! We have been to many indoor events. Make sure any openings that the trailer needs to pass through are at least 10' tall and 10' wide. 

Unlimited printing?
We offer unlimited pictures and unlimited printing during the event. Guest will receive double copies of each session and can go as many times in the booth as their heart desires!

How do I book the Photo Camper?
Below you will see the form: "Book the Photo Camper" go ahead and fill that out to get the process started and we will send you a quote. Once you approve, we will send you two invoices. The first is due immediatly to hold your date and the second is for the remaining balance and is due 30 days prior to your event. 

Can I personalize the photo strips?
Yes you sure can! Please send a design, logo, or wording that you would like and we will create it and send you a proof for your approval! 

Does the booth need access to power?
Yes it does. We ask that you provide a standard electrical outlet within 20' of the trailer. If your event doesnt have power, we can provide a quiet generator for a small fee. 

Book the Photo Camper!

We love getting your emails and learning more about you and what you are looking for your upcoming event. We are here to answer any questions you have and make the process simple and fun! Please fill out the form below! 

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